Thursday, November 10, 2005

A Potential Opportunity

A Mission

People, and even vendors, recognize that the right recommendation can immensely enhance a services' or products' appeal. A company could provide the most comprehensive tools and services, perfected to an individual's needs to both use, and, even build out rating/recommendation views.

The Challenge:
A company could create a system to actively encourage customers to explore the tools and service for providing them better decision criteria. An essential aspect of the system is the ability to search and browse for advise and recommendations based on a wide variety of often-intangible concepts. Finally, complex search results would need to be presented simply in a visually intuitive user interface.

The Solution
A company could develop a solution that allows users to search and visually build out ratings and recommendations by TOPIC area (buy a mtn bike), by items within a TOPIC area (mtn bike wheels), by published ratings-recommendations; and present them in the user's selected view, or using another view (such as a subject matter experts view on how to buy a mtn bike).

A company could use, leverage and extend a combination of (1) social bookmarking/tagging and (2) hReview, the top, open, rating and recommendation specification agreed to and authored by the leading industry vendors, Yahoo, Google, Amazon, eBay, and Microsoft, to enable and encourage the sharing, distribution, syndication, and aggregation of reviews.

Via tagging, in association with any hReview recommendation/rating content that has either occurred to-date or will in the future, whether captured in the company reposistory or not, the company would enable a person to create a TOPIC, and subsequently generate a taxonomy of related subjects and sub-subjects, in order to yield rich related results.

By displaying search results using a fish-eye display, the interface organizes large numbers of search/TOPIC/Item results into a more intuitive, contextual arrangement. TOPICs are grouped by items/snippets and their sub-subjects allowing users to quickly find ratings/recommendations with the right spin on categories as broad or narrow as they deem appropriate to make a decision.

What this Accomplishes
The solution streamlines the intimidating process of selecting web information via only bookmarks, and not from trusted information. That captured information today has no context of its importance to their decision, nor a way for the user to leverage this existing information, much less any new information from that huge non-manageable database in the sky, called the Internet. Using the rendering solution, customers will be able to continue to capture information in the new "tagging way" they have come to know & love, with tools like "". The solution will enable them to better display their findings, by taking advantage of a combination of robust integration of existing tools/technologies and providing a user-friendly graphical user interface that encourages exploration and makes it easy for them to assemble the perfect decision………..

In my mind its that simple, provide a new way to render the tagging tangle that is sure to ensue……………..targeted for rating/recommendations, leveraging and extending hReviews/

It meets
  • The "cool" / Hook category
  • Appeals to the more technically inclined
  • Demos like crazy
Is simple, and builds out from existing areas being pushed by bigger players. The defacto tagging system,……he is being funded by the cream of the crop

The defacto rating system, hReview……the vendors will make that happen, and are the cream of the crop…...

Could it use a discovery tool, an organization tool like EverNote, explicit FOAF things like Tribe/MindTrust bring, a trusted e-mail system……….?

You bet, they would help, but are NOT REQUIRED, for a company to do a market entry………..which has scarred / scared me more about what could be done with 4 developers than providing them.

As always, open for thoughts/discussions.


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